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Referance the speeds on battery? i have just taken a 330e BMW after having a C350e merc, the MErc would travel to 70mph dependant on battery charge.
Once at 70mph dependant on battery the engine would take over, but at 70mph down hill or on the flat if i lift the pedal it would drop back into battery mode and allow me to coast/maintain 70mph up until the engine was required.
i cant seem to do this in the BMW the moment it gets to 50mph the engine comes on and i can not get the battery mode back in until i drop below 50mph again.
Most of my driving is main A roads and motorways (i know a diesel is better) but for tax its not, so without the function to alternate between battery and engine at motorway speeds the MPG will not be great.
do i need to change the settings or is this the way it is.

thanks for any reply.
Just replied to the other tread you created - Engine automatically cuts in at 51MPG. You need to select max edrive to override this.
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