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In a statement delivered today at the BMW AG Annual Accounts Press Conference, Dr. Norbert Reithofer (chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG) made the following presentations in relation to the BMW i range, with particular focus on the BMW i3.

Of note is that Dr Reithofer delivered his speech sharing the stage with a BMW i8, which BMW are clearly positioning as a "halo vehicle",

Of the BMW i brand and i3 in particular, he had the following to say...

The continuous investment in innovations ensures our long-term success.

BMW i is an example of our innovative strength in several areas:
  • The vehicle concept consisting of a Life module and a Drive module.
  • The industrialization of carbon fiber in large-series production.
  • And the application of especially sustainable production procedures.
The BMW i3 is currently being launched in various markets. Customer demand is exceeding our expectations. By the summer, it will be introduced in the US, currently the most important market for electric cars.

To date, we have invested EUR 600 million in our E-Mobility network thus creating 1,500 jobs. The comprehensive use of carbon fiber underscores our leading position in the field of lightweight construction. We are planning to apply this expertise also in other series models in the future.

We believe the electric motor is a future technology for zero-emission driving in urban areas. Battery technology will continue to progress.

Our eDrive technology brings together the following technologies today: electric drive trains and low-emission plug-in hybrids such as the BMW i8.

Not that the electric motor is "a future", not "the future". In fact, he goes on to remark...

When it comes to emission-free long-distance driving, however, electric cars featuring hydrogen fuel cell technology offer great potential. Alternative drive technologies are key towards meeting the global CO2 targets in 2020.
This is the same thing they told me way back when during the MINI E press junkets... still seems odd to me?
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