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We recently went ahead and bought (lease purchase anyway) a mid-range Nissan Leaf.

I knew the BMW i3 was coming, I really liked the look of it, and had been keeping an eye on developments for some time. But if there there was one thing I was SURE of, it was that it'd be at least £30k on the road in the UK. Or so I thought.

When the official prices came out recently as just over £25k on the road for the base model, I must admit I kicked myself a little. Now I REALLY like my car, and it's an ideal entry in to the world of EVs, but if I had known the price for the i3 I probably would have waited to at least test drive one before making my decision.

I think BMW have got the price JUST ABOUT right, perhaps a little high, but I think by the time the next generation models come around, like with the Leaf, there will be enough on the road, and enough retained value, for the BMW i3 to become a pretty popular city car. Not setting the world alight, but popular enough, in a similar vein to the Leaf before it.
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