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However, when you walk away from the i3 and see the competition from other BMW models - that are available off the shelf - its simply doesn't cut it. i3 is hip and trendy - and BMW will sell all they can produce - but its a 'gadget' and its 'bling'! You couldn't choose the i3 by any objective assessment.
I was pretty heavily involved in MINI (from the outside, and a little on the inside) when that came around. It was exactly the same, there was almost NO subjective reason to buy a MINI (save residuals in the early days), but BMW sold it. They'll do the same with the i3, and the rest of the "i" / electric vehicle range.

It would be a stretch for a young family to use one if they had small children (like me) but it could be made to work if you really wanted it to.
People always said that about our family of three/four, but it works. Think small, don't fill your car with pointless baby/child junk (better off, don't buy it in the first place) and you'd be amazed how easy it can be. :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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