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I understand were your coming from, the i3 is certainly radical - they've broken new ground on the styling. Even engineering wise - with the carbon-fibre and lots of textured materials - it is in a class of it own! Durability and longevity have been fundamental to the spec and design - totally unknown if family cars. Sitting between the Leaf and the Tesla it really has no peers. VW are unlikely to offer any competition - so the next car of this pedigree may well be a Mercedes?
However, when you walk away from the i3 and see the competition from other BMW models - that are available off the shelf - its simply doesn't cut it. i3 is hip and trendy - and BMW will sell all they can produce - but its a 'gadget' and its 'bling'! You couldn't choose the i3 by any objective assessment.
However, there is hope they become the new fad in Chelsea, Westminster and Notting Hill! They will be great for the 'Sloanes' on the school run and get the carcinogens out of the Public School playgrounds!
Drive ON!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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