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I though I would post my solution to the unavailability of mudguards for the I3S. The aim was to try to keep the back of the car a bit cleaner. The standard squared off mock OEM types which are widely available fit well using the original fixings but the rear pair are way to narrow. The front pair need to be cut off to clear the S wheel arch extensions.

Fronts, they could be extended but the shape is more difficult to attach as they do not have a flat inner surface so I didn't bother.

Rear, extensions attached by a couple of Chicago rivets (stainless), any low profile (preferably stainless) bolt or rivet would do. They extend 30mm out and 20mm down from standard. I couldn't find a clean way to attach the bottom corner and although it is not absolutely necesary I didn't want it to flap. The solution is a small hole through the corner with a zip tie made into a rivet by melting the end, you can just see a small bump on the photo.

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