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Besides the i3 and the i8, BMW sell two EVs that don't get much attention.

The Cruise e-Bike has a Bosch electric mid-drive and a 400wH battery. Power is limited to 250Watts to meet EU pedelec regulations. Anything over 250Watts needs insurance and a driving license.

The e-Bike is sold by BMW dealers. Spec is fairly high compared to some other e-Bikes I've seen. Hydraulic brakes, hub dynamos for the lights and so on but the MSRP is an eye-watering £2,400. I've seen two on eBay at a modest discount.

The BMW C-Evolution is the i3 of scooters. The 8kWh battery is built up from the same modules as the i3. It is powered by an 11kW rated, 35kW peak motor and has an advertised range of 100km. The spec sheet says it has a Type 1 socket (!) and will charge in 3 hours 16Amps. An EVSE is included.

EV acceleration: 0-30 in 2.7 seconds and 0-62 in 6.2.

Price? £13,500. Hmmm. Not sure, but maybe I'd rather have a Twizy.



1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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