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"Book your complimentary battery change and ID. Software update today" - Anyone else had this?

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Hi all,

Just had this email come through and was wondering if anyone else has also received it?:

"Please arrange a visit to change your current 12-volt battery and receive the latest software update

We would like to invite you to schedule an appointment with your local Volkswagen Retailer in order for your vehicle to receive a new and improved 12-volt battery. At the same time your retailer will update your ID. software to optimise battery efficiency at low outside temperatures and prepare your car for additional over-the-air updates.

This service appointment is expected to take one working day and will be complimentary. Please contact your local Retailer to book an appointment and to discuss any replacement car requirements."

I'm slightly dubious about this, car dealers never give anything out for free unless it's to cover their tracks. Is this another VW PR disaster waiting to happen I wonder..?

(Bearing in mind I've only had the car for 3 months as well!)
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Recalls are a perfectly normal part of the product development process...when you identify something needs changing after selling it, you get it back and change it..!
Recalls are when you didn’t do the product development process correctly, TGW is kept to a minimum or heads roll.
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Cars come with so many connected and standby features that are killing the 12V battery. At least my Tesla came with a li-ion battery that gets automatically topped up from the high voltage pack as and when needed.
Agreed, that doesn’t take away from the fact R&E should have picked it up during lifetime testing cycles.
Even when you do everything perfectly you will still get recalls. The sheer combinatorics of all ten possible permutations make complete testing impossible. Of course you want to minimise the number, but you cannot eliminate them.
Agreed, which is why I stated you want to minimise the number.

There is no 10/10
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Well, I’m definitely in the ‘not seamless’ category! Despite there being no issues before going in I’ve just had the call to say it’s still not ‘taking the update’, the car can’t be driven and they’ll try again Monday. That’ll be 6 days in the shop.

Even worse, I had to put petrol in the loan car - I’ve never seen the number flick round so quickly!
No doubt they will reimburse you if you keep the receipt.
Errr - My 6 visits for warrantee works - I raised this - not even a response from VW HQ or the dealer when I queried my out of pocket losses !
That is really not on, especially as you have had so many loaners.

I know a few people who have had reimbursement from loan cars from other manufacturers (BMW & Jaguar).

when I have taken my i3 in for its services they have always given me a ICE, but I asked about this and they said they would be brimmed tank and if I need to top up it would be no issue, obviously I never needed to as they were horrible to drive after the EV so they were just local transport for a day for us.
Perhaps on your side of the water. Not in the US. I have always been told to return it with the amount it had when I took it. The dealers aren't like a rental agency that always starts you with a full tank and ask you to return it full.
Yes, they did that when we had an ICE vehicle and they gave us a loan ICE car, but with the EV the cost difference in fuel (charged at home) is an issue, the customer should not be out of pocket because they couldn’t provide an equivalent loan vehicle.

Not all dealers are so accommodating as witnessed from above comments.
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