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"Book your complimentary battery change and ID. Software update today" - Anyone else had this?

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Hi all,

Just had this email come through and was wondering if anyone else has also received it?:

"Please arrange a visit to change your current 12-volt battery and receive the latest software update

We would like to invite you to schedule an appointment with your local Volkswagen Retailer in order for your vehicle to receive a new and improved 12-volt battery. At the same time your retailer will update your ID. software to optimise battery efficiency at low outside temperatures and prepare your car for additional over-the-air updates.

This service appointment is expected to take one working day and will be complimentary. Please contact your local Retailer to book an appointment and to discuss any replacement car requirements."

I'm slightly dubious about this, car dealers never give anything out for free unless it's to cover their tracks. Is this another VW PR disaster waiting to happen I wonder..?

(Bearing in mind I've only had the car for 3 months as well!)
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馃檪 just picked up mine, new batteries (I鈥檝e marked it before it went in) went in to the system information still shows 2.3.0 - 馃
@Tooks and @Luckypants -right enough . Thanks for the reply. Was a bit worried because I dropped it this morning (8am) , didn鈥檛 even enjoyed the Taigo as a loan car 馃榾
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I got that one pop up today, same as yours, didn鈥檛 seem to progress beyond 2/3 of the way.

I wouldn鈥檛 sweat it though, it will sort itself out, and install when ready. It downloads when you鈥檙e using the car, and will install/update when you exit the vehicle.
- mine completed the update and it says 'changes will take effect after five minutes turning the vehicle' on or in that effect. no idea on the changes,, 馃槒
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