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Hi there,

I've just moved to a new house in a fairly rural location, I'm looking to get a BP Pulse home charger installed (included as part of my Zoe lease). However the reception for O2 and Vodafone is very poor here - I've read that these are what The BP Pulse units use to connect their smart services. Can anyone advise if this would be an issue?

My other option is to go for an untethered BP Pulse wallbox + an Ohme type 2 cable to use it's smart capabilities (I already have an Ohme granny charger working well here). I'd like to leave the cable attached to the wallbox for convenience so I guess I would need to lock it somehow. Is this a sensible option?

Screw the ohme box to the wall for security it's the same as the fixed unit use some security screws they are a devil to remove without the right tool

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