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ive had a nightmare with bp home charger wouldn't connect then finally when it did it allowed my schedule of charging between 00.30 & 04.30 but one day I wanted to charge outside these hours but the override didn't work and it lost communication with bp but stuck on the schedule charge.

it took them 3 months to get it to the right technical team and they blamed poor signal they advised me they use Vodafone 2G network cannot believe bp's using 2G only, they came replaced my unit so I could charge anytime but still blame poor signal I live less then 200m from a Vodafone & o2 mast get full 2G/3G&4G signal with Vodafone around here

a subbie came out to replace it I had a little rant at him about how terrible bp are and he said you should try working with them 😂

anyway ive now decided to ditch the bp charger and get the Ohme home pro

its no surprise they ranked near the bottom on surveys for there home chargers just like there public chargers
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