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After looking for weeks at possible chargers in and around Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington etc, I decide against coming in my Leaf as didn't want the hassle of the inlaws if we came unstuck.

So on my travels up here, I have now noticed two chargers that are on no mapping systems that I tried, OCM, CYC, Zap Map, POD Point, etc.

The first one I noticed (in Scarborough) from a distance on the opposite side of a one way system in an area that I can't seem to find now I am looking back at a map so can not add it to OCM at the moment. Hoping to get back there on Friday, when I can take a proper look.

The second one was in Bridlington, a single POD Point post with 2 x 7kW Type 2 Mennekes sockets, all looked to be working and live but couldn't test as no EV. I couldn't tell what network if any they are part of, but it just said on the screen, swipe your card to start session.

Added to OCM here:

This is the first thing I have added on OCM, so hope I have done it right.

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