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Button next to Heated Steering Wheel???

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Can anyone tell me what the middle button of the bottom row on the bank of seven buttons to the right if the drive is?

The one to the right of the heated steering wheel?

I had a Tekna 6.6 with what I thought was all extras barr the solar spoiler, however I cant imagine there would be a button for the solar spoiler so what am I missing???

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Well, I have a blank in the middle of the bottom row... Tekna picked up today.

Do you have parking sensors? Perhaps it is the switch to disable the front sensors... mine is a rather disappointing button on the lower centre console.
Not sure as it has the alround monitor so no parking sensors.
Mark, that's the Headlight aiming control switch, ie, up down adjustment for weight etc.
The Tekna is blank as it has LED headlights with self levelling.
☺ brill... thought I was missing out on something.
And I searched every where the other day looking how to adjust headlights, not realising they were self levelling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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