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I'm thinking about replacing our 30kwh Leaf with a new Kia E-niro.

I would plan to keep the car for three years, and I'm not sure whether to lease the car or buy the car.

The model I am looking at is the 4+ in yacht blue. With the extra cost of the paint, the RRP is £39,990. Deducting the £3,000 grant gives a total cost of £36,990.

I did speak to a dealer to check what deal might be available, and I got the impression I might be able to get the metallic paint included. I was also going to ask for the 3 year service plan (which normally costs £479). But assuming I only got the metallic paint, the cost would be around £39,395

Does anyone know if any other dealer is offering a better deal for this model of car? I'm also not sure how much flexibility (or willingness) there is to do any better deal on the car? I assumed there wouldn't be much as I know there used to be a very long lead times on the e-niro. but as an aside, the dealer told me there was 34 cars due to arrive into the UK next month which are currently available in this colour.

The alternative option is to lease the car. This would cost around £400 inc VAT on a 36 month lease (no deposit). Which makes the total cost over three years to be £14,400. I don't think that lease price is amazing but it seems to be about the market rate.

If I go with buying the car outright rather than leasing, then the residual value of the car would need to be more than £22,000 after three years, else it would be better to lease. Plus of course I don't have to outlay nearly £40k on the car upfront.

Does anyone have any view on what the best option would be? Interested to hear your view.

I decided to buy outright, since I intend to keep the car for 10 years or so. There are some good deals around on brand new cars of the original 4 series, but like you, I couldn't find much on offer for a new 4+. My dealer claims that dispite lockdown, they are simply flying our of the showroom as fast as they can get deliveries. As long as demand iremains this bouyant (for many years to come?) then I would not expect to see much discounting on this particular model.
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