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Hi guys

I'm trying to understand the correct size of alloy rims to install on Passat GTE Estate...
I'd prefer to use 17" wheels, but it's difficult to understand the right specifications

7,5 X 17 ET 47
7,5 X 17 ET 30
7 X 17 ET 40
:eek::eek::eek: ???

I am sure only for tyre (written on car documents): 215/55 R17

Can anyone help me ?
I prefer to avoid wrong purchase, they're expensive...

thanks in advance

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The recommended winter wheel sizes for the Passat GTE are:
6½J x 16 ET41 or ET42 with 215/60 R16
6½J x 17 ET41 with 215/55 R17
8J x 18 ET44 with 235/45 R18

I don't know why they use a 6.5 wide wheel with the 215 wide tyre though when the standard 17" spec is:
7J x 17 ET40 with 215/55 R17
(which still leaves some side wall bulge, so I imagine with 6.5J a 215 tyre will look like a balloon!)

I'm very tempted to go with the Stavanger winter wheel that is sold for the Alltrack which is:
7J x 17 ET38 with 215/55 R17
That's virtually the same as the standard 17" wheel for the non-Alltrack Passats - just a 2mm difference in offset which I would have thought is negligible. I just really like the snowflake design of that wheel!

While we're here, the hub specs in case you need them are:
PCD: 112/5
Centre bore: 57.1mm
Bolts: M14x1.5, 27mm long, 17mm hex head

Info taken from the VW winter wheel catalogue for Germany.

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Thank you very much for informations
I'm considering 7Jx17 ET 40, MAK Wolf alloy rims (built for VW), 6,5 is too small IMHO
Wolf Silver
Wolf Gun Metal

Tyres I think I'll go with NOKIAN 215/55 R17 WRA4 98V XL

Considering my car documentation, I can use only following sizes:
215/55 R17
235/45 R18

I've found a useful site for specifications:
Volkswagen Passat 2017 - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs
with an amazing calculator:
Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets

You can play with it to test a lot of variables ;) As far as I know, it's better to keep Zero scrub radius close to 0, like in OEM equipment

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215/55 17 will sit safely and reasonably on any 17" rim from 6" to 7.5". So best bet is to go for middle ground, 6.5 or 7. The smaller one will give the tyre more compliance as the wall will be able to flex a little bit more, the larger you go the harder the ride will be.

Generally, a smaller rim is recommended for winter to increase tread compliance over icy stuff.

If there is a recommendation in the handbook then stick with that. This is for insurance purposes. You don't want to give them a single tiny excuse to accuse you of not doing something that is recommended. I would definitely stick with 6.5 if it is recommended because I would also expect a better ride and better winter grip from it too.

(PS Offset should stay the same between rim widths for the same fitted tyre width.)
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