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I'm tempted to buy a second-hand BMW i3. My goal would be to get a non-REX 90Ah or 120Ah model, probably 2016 or later. I am comfortable with the 90Ah model, 120Ah would be nice to have.

I currently own a Golf GTE and it's had its fair share of headaches. I want to get an all-electric vehicle but the price of a new ID.3, or the performance of an e-208, are not that attractive. I am benchmarking the i3 against a used Kona (size isn't a big issue for me!) The Kona is great for the large battery but I'm not sure I'll need it that much and I'm not a fan of SUVs, even if the Kona is on the small side.

What are the common issues to look out for? How is the reliability of the newer models? Do you get warranties, and do they work out well? Better to buy from a BMW dealer or go to a 3rd party?
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