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I'm very tempted to buy a cheap Nissan Leaf 24kWh and get on a V2H trial.
I'll keep my current diesel for medium and long journeys, but I would switch to the Leaf for everyday commuting and shopping.
I have seen old Leafs around 7000-9000 £, but I'm wondering if all models support V2H. The email I got from Indra (they are doing a V2H trial) say you need a Leaf 2013 onwards or an NV200 (any model year I guess). When looking for a second hand Leaf, how do I know if it really supports it? It's not one of those features listed on autotrader and I guess the seller wouldn't know either
Trouble is, old Leaf's used to cost almost half that. Certainly mine did. Sort of fancy the V2H trial after discounting a home battery but not sure I want to own stuff especially with an old connector. I doubt I'd get picked anyway as the cable run would be a PITA and plan on moving in a few years. Instead, I fancy chucking the max into the next Ripple project with free money from all the usual sources.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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