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I bought an ex-demo Leaf in 2015 from a dealer. When I bought my Tesla, I sold the Leaf to a family member. At the time, I went round in circles trying to buy the battery. I spoke to a local dealer* about buying the battery and they told me I had to speak to RCI. RCI told me I had to speak to the dealer. I didn't get anywhere and it went off my radar - I've just continued to pay for the battery.
However, I've just had a letter from Nissan about the primary period of hire on the battery coming to an end, the second sentence of which is:

"The terms and conditions of your Battery Hire Agreement do not allow you to purchase the battery."

I'm reasonably sure this is not true. Has anyone else had this and what, if anything, have you done?

* Not the dealer who sold me the car as they're the other side of the country and were bought out a couple of years ago
I had to buy my battery out through a dealer (not from RCI). It was a simple process. The dealer looked up the cost of the battery and I simply transferred the money to the dealer. I think the registration document was then sent by the dealer to Swansea so that it could be recorded that it was no longer a leased battery. It seemed to take RCI a month or two to register that the battery had been purchased but otherwise everything went very smoothly.
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