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Symptoms-Brake response not linear, can grab, may be evident in slow moving traffic.
The following process is confirmed on the 24 & 30Kw Leafs' and is believed to be relevant to other models.

Calibration procedure:
1) Come to a complete stop
2) Turn off the traction control.
3) Press hard on the brake pedal for 30 seconds and turn traction control back on.

Brake calliper & disc maintenance. the brake system on an EV has less wear & tear due to regenerative braking (KER), resultant is less frequent natural maintenance through normal ICE brake pad renewal.
Calliper and discs units can in-part seize-up through this general lack of use, additionally, disc faces experience rusting, particularly from the wet, cold, salt of the UK.
Applying brakes heavily (possibly whilst in neutral) every so often (once a fortnight) can help eliminate these problems and keep brakes in good working order.
** the above is not a substitute for proper servicing through professional dismantling & cleaning pads / callipers every 1-4 years, usage & environment dependant**
*the above was acquired through another internet medium and not from an official service agent or manual
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