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I hope this finds you safe and well. I am a designer and researcher at Kaluza where we are as passionate about EVs as you!

We are currently on the lookout for BMW i3 and Tesla Model 3 owners in the UK who would be interested in helping us test a Beta version of our new app, that will enable EV drivers to further reduce their carbon emissions when charging at home.

If you are interested in helping us to try and further reduce carbon emissions, please fill in the following form (this is a secure Google Form linked with our official Kaluza business account: Calling all UK Model 3 and i3 owners). Eligible candidates will get a follow up email with more information on how they can participate and the incentives that we are offering.

Please note, this is not a marketing message and we are not trying to sell you anything! We are a design team building a new app and we really need your help to shape it.

In terms of data privacy, by completing the form we want you to know that your data will be held only by the Kaluza research team; it will not be shared outside that team - or the organisation - and it will be completely deleted within 12 months; or earlier upon your request. If you have any concerns or questions about this then please let me know.

We really hope you will consider taking part in this Beta to help us further reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

Kind Regards,
Giuseppe Burdo and Kaluza Customer Research Team

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Apps :(Just another point of failure. Why is the world and his dog making crummy programs to run on ratty so called smart phones which are unable to work unless you stand on a plant pot and wave.
Give me a plug socket and switch any day. At least they are reliable and long lasting unlike dumb phones.

Smart phones will probably cause more emissions by using them than the app will possibly save in terms of charging, requiring the the use of WiFi or rf communication base stations, land lines. etc. A basic switch is much more economic friendly

Rant over
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