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Apologies to the more experienced but I'm not familiar with either of these types of plugs and just wanted to know if you're actually able to charge your EV from either?
You should be able to charge from both. The red is a 3 Phase "commando" and you should have 230V from any phase to neutral. Looking at the size it's probably a 16A version although it could possibly be 32A.

The blue is a single phase 230V "commando" and almost certainly 16A.

You'll need an adapter that allows you to plug your 'brick' EVSE into them and your car will then charge at 10A.

Alternatively, you can build/buy a portable EVSE for 16A or 32A charging. Something like the EVSE we built in @Grant Thomas garage :)

I would recommend you get an electrician to check out these connectors and any proposed adaptor before using.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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