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BMW i3 60ah bev, solar orange
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Fine to leave the plug wrapped around the holster instead of inserted into it (see pic). I queried the depth protrusion when having it installed and the answer was that over time the cable will soften where it enters the plug and will dangle more loosely when fully holstered.
A bit of advice, if you have several locations available where your charger is to be installed, think about any future ev's you might have and where the charge port is located on the vehicle. I sited my Ohme a perfect distance for my i3, which I then replaced with an Ioniq which has the charge port on the opposite side of the vehicle - meaning I have to 'shuffle' the car each time I need to charge rather than just straight reversing onto the drive.
First World problems, I know 😀
Alternatively, spec a longer cable than you currently need.

Enjoy the Ioniq, doesn't have savagery of the i3 when planting your foot but in pretty much all other regards its a better car - my opinion at least!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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