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Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1.

Front camera indeed replaced, the update to 2.1 identified a fault - justifying the time to get the car back

Carpets replaced (curious as a LHD)

AirCon fixed - gas was indeed escaping into the car which I highlighted a month or so ago, so if you hear "hissing" get it checked, urgently

Able to connect to 1 wifi hotspot but not the other. Guessing it's settings on the mesh, which I'll fiddle with.

Sat Nav still 10 years out of date for roads, POIs, one-way streets, etc.

Tried timed charging, or rather timed departure - kind of worked, it correctly didn't start charging when I plugged the car in but didn't charge to 80%, just got to 70% before it stopped charging, let's see if it gets more intelligent and what happens tonight.

The App, whilst still lacking all the features I'm wanting, does actually now allow me to start/stop charging and set the car temperature, so now happy that works, just missing everything else it needs.
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