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I asked for a battery check on my second service and all the dealer did was a simple check with a receipt like piece of paper that said it charged and seemed to be working OK. I was hoping for something more detailed about the individual cells.

Keep us posted on what they actually give you and the outcome.


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If you ask the dealer for a battery condition check, they should provide you with at least one sheet of paper that gives a performance check of each cell in the HV pack.
Assuming they know how to carry out the check that is !.
Having any ( EV ) VW dealer carry out this service function, should not be confused with the HV battery pack recall.
This is report is produced by software that has the ability to probe the HV pack.
To carry out the HV recall, this both a physical then visual inspections of the HV pack.
This necessitates the complete removal of the HV pack and then splitting both halves of the case that houses the cell packs.
They are checking for water ingress, pure and simple.
If there is no evidence of corrosion, your pack will be reassembled with new casings or just resealed.
You will not receive a new HV pack unless the inside of the pack has been badly damaged by water.
When my previous GTE had this work carried out, I was the 11th car they had done the recall on.
Only one car received a new pack.
The car was booked in for three days due to the distance we had to travel to get the work done.
But I believe this work can be carried out in just one day in normal circumstances.

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Well it didn't get a new battery but it did get a new casing. Parts cost was around £900, obviously under warranty. Think they said the battery would've cost around 6k!

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That appears to be the norm.
Not many get a new HV pack.
£900 does not get you much from VW.
The dealers labour rate bill to VW under the warranty claim we be around that figure also.
Not much change out of £2,000 I am thinking.
New pack plus labour, you are going to nearer the £8,000 mark !.
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