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Sorry if anyone has seen this on the ipace forum aswell.

Looking to sign up to Pivotal through work on Salary Sacrifice, I currently have a Volvo XC60 that I am looking to get rid of and a Kia eNiro, I have a Britax Dualifix M ISize which is a rotating car seat, great seat but it is a bit of a beast, weirdly it actually is a right squeeze in the Volvo so the front seat has to be very close so my wife on just fits (5ft 3) and I (6ft) have no chance, in the Niro I can just about sit in front it but it is a very tight squeeze and the wife is fine.

Does anyone happen to either use this car seat or similar, or if not does anyone know the measurement from the isofix point to the back of the seat if you follow the level along the seat (if that makes any sense) with the seat somewhere in the middle, obviously cannot check this myself with the current situation.

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