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Ah yes obviously the same company that owns the Evening Mail (or now just "The Mail") at the other end of Cumbria... stuck for news articles to write, so just write one about the crap people put in the comments underneath another story 馃ぃ

I've even seen them write an article about what people responded under the article about the comments about the article before it...

I once made a throwaway comment of "hmm I'm not sure that's a thoroughfare since it's technically private property I think so people might want to be careful" in response to an article about someone getting fined for driving through a car park so many times (common shortcut) that they triggered the ANPR thing. Cue an article about me the next day that I never agreed to saying "motorists urged not to treat soandso as 'thoroughfare'"
And then another news article the day after about the comments people left on 'my' story about whether it's private or not

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They've progressed to cars in Carlisle now?
What's the world coming to?

Then we wonder why the media has an unhealthy obsession with London and the South East!!
Unfortunately journalism in the age of the internet has become about clickbait rather than actual newsworthy stories.
Keeping the advertisers happy is far more important than serving the local readership.

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So I guy drove a Twizy years ago and thinks that no more EVs have been made ever since. And the reporter believed him. Some local with a Tesla should invite Joe Critchley for a ride and take Tom Beattie with them so that he could write a follow-up article.
He wasn't talking about a twizy...

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How many cramped, not very controllable or responsive 2 seater EVs with a central steering wheel and stupid seatbelts that go around your neck are there?
I wasn't sure if he was referring to a Twizy or a bumper car... but I think the last part indicated the latter.
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