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Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing their Carwings Driving History not updating on the You+Nissan website?
Eco Trees section all up to date but mileage, trips, power used etc all stopped updating on Monday 20th (today being Sunday 26th). The car is doing about 40 - 50 miles daily so their should be plenty of information to report.

I see on a US site that some Leaf owners experienced a similar problem in December and that software updates were being mentioned.
Only picked the car up on Saturday last week (a used 2011 model) so I'm wondering if it is missing an update or is data delay a regular occurrence?

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Nissan's web interface (and their app for that matter) are borderline disgraceful in terms of user experience / user interface, and do sometimes fail to update as well, not a great experience.

I tried to log on to check for you from my account, but after a flash of data that looked to be up to date, I just get this...

Blue Text Black Sky Azure

...cookies are "enabled" on my browser. FFS Nissan. o_O

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I have to own up to not using Carwings for history. I have found that it missed so many trip or recorded them incorrectly that I found it a frustrating experience. Pity because it was one of the featers I most liked before I got the car.

Perhaps I shold fire it up again and see if it has improved any :)

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Yeah tried mine from the car the other day and it gave me stats from November!

I did an update then it gave me stats from the end of Feb which was a bit closer, but still not the start of March.

I haven't checked via the browser yet.

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Just checked mine, I've only got 3 days recorded, 7-9th March, then nothing.

I press "ok" to allow the telematics usage for every journey.

Come on @NissanGB , you have to sort out carwings to actually make it fit for purpose and quickly. Otherwise those of us that have bought the LEAF with the carwings feature will have a very strong case for compensation & refund of part of the purchase price of the car seeing as though one of the car's main selling points hardly ever works.

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My car data stopped from 9th March so I used the 'Chat' facility to find out what was going on. They acknowledged the problem and sent me an email on how to fix it. I've just now gone through the steps so don't know if it has fixed the issue yet but your'll welcome to try it as well:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Further to our conversation, Carwings is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We would like to inform you that we are undertaking the steps and measures to correct this. We have escalated the issue and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please follow the steps below to make sure your information channel settings are turned on correctly inside your Leaf:

Information Channel Settings

  1. Go into your vehicle and turn the car on
  2. Press “Menu”
  3. Touch “Carwings”
  4. Touch “Carwing’s Settings”
  5. Click on “Information Channel Setting”
  6. Click on “Download automatically”
  7. Click on “Download interval”
A screen will appear where you can select download interval, set to “POWER ON”

This will allow your vehicle to accept the requests sent from your Carwings Application.

Share vehicle Information

Push the menu button

Touch ‘Carwings’

Touch ‘Carwings Settings’

Check that ‘General Notifications’ is set to “POWER ON” (If ON, Turn OFF then Back to ON again)

“Data Upload Settings”

Share Vehicle information is set to “POWER ON” (If ON, Turn OFF then Back to ON again)

Share Vehicle Information when powered on is set to “POWER ON” (If ON, turn OFF then back to ON again)

Data Transfer Setup

Automatic Provider Settings

Push the menu bitton and touch “Settings”

Touch “Phone Carwing’s”

Touch “Data transfer Setup”

Touch “Select Provider”

Touch “ Manual Setup” then back to “Automatic Setup”. The indicator illuminates when the item is set.

Once you have updated your settings, please follow the instructions below and sign into your vehicle again:

  1. Push Zero Emission button.
  2. Touch CARWINGS.
  3. Touch security settings.
  4. Touch Activate CARWINGS.
  5. Touch User ID.
  6. Enter User ID and touch OK.
  7. Touch Password.
  8. Enter password and touch OK.
  9. Touch Activate Security Settings.
  10. Confirm and touch Yes.

Note: User ID and password are case sensitive.

Go back to the main Carwing’s screen then turn the vehicle off and back on again.

When all this is done you will have successfully set your Carwings settings up.

If you have any further requests or questions please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Nissan Customer Services GB

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Pretty sure those are the stock instructions to set up Carwings.
If it was right before then I don't think those will make any difference.
The driving history is broken for everyone at the moment.
They'll fix it in a week or so. Probably :)
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