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Not that the App has been very reliable, but Im getting regular e-mails saying charging has stopped etc.

We bought our van 2019. Managed to set up on the Nissan website, & got very frustrated trying to get any further.
Rang Nissan, spoke to a helpful lady, the Carwings was all still registered to the previous owner, hence none of it would work, yet the (1st) website would would let me register the van.
Emailed proof of purchase to Nissan, and within a couple of hours (really!) they had unlocked the carwings and I was successfully able to proceed to the 2nd website and get my user ID codes, what ever and set it up on the Van.

Tha app has been pretty hopeless. Its worked for a few months, stopped, worked again, locked me out, needed reinstalling, worked again... So far it seems to have been working for the last few months for me. But its been more of a talking point about possibilities of EV ownership & technology with friends, rather than really useful.

Being able to view my monthly/yearly milage etc when it does load is nice though. I saved 940KG of CO2 in 2021..(Maybe!?)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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