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My Carwings recently stopped working, in fact all telematics stopped.
  • Couldn't contact the car from my phone app. or PC.
  • Trying to update charging stations in the car always failed.
  • On the plus side, I stopped getting repeatedly told that a driver in Japan this week has managed 900 miles/kWh, or somesuch nonsense.
  • No driving data on the Carwings website since the 21st May.
Anyway, just in case anyone else has this problem; after some googling I found how to fix it:
  • In the car, go to the Carwings Settings screen
  • Choose security
  • Press reset
  • Then re-enter your username and password

That fixed it for me. I also found a more serious fix that involved resetting the navigation system by removing fuse 34, but I didn't need to do that:

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