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I was looking at the Zap Map of rapid chargers in Scotland, particularly in the Cairngorm mountains, and noting gaps, when I spotted what seemed like an obvious category of destination which would benefit from chargers - ski centres, which generally have massive car parks and often on mountain passes.

In winter having slow/fast chargers would be ideal for their customers spending the day on the slopes (and the cold would zap battery life too making a top-up more important). Outside the ski season, those would get used by mountain walkers etc.

However, ideally we'd have some rapid chargers with the primary goal being to fill gaps in the network for long distance travel (and have the drivers spend time at the resort's cafe?).

I was thinking of Glenshee in particular when the idea came to me, and I think this would be a good spot at the top of a pass on the A93, about halfway between the rapid chargers at Braemar & Blairgowrie:

Glenshee, Cairnwell, Braemar, AB35 5XU Glenshee Ski & Snowboard Centre

It turns out there already is a (single?) rapid charger at the Glencoe ski resort, just off the A82 and the only rapid in the area! Presumably it gets well used?

Glencoe Mountain, Ballachulish, PH49 4HZ Home - Glencoe Mountain Resort

I've not been to the other three locations - two look good in principle for a rapid charger:

Nevis Range, Torlundy, Fort William, PH33 6SQ Nevis Range Mountain Experience, Winter Ski Area and home to Britain's only Mountain Gondola
(About 1.5 miles off the A82, but about halfway between Fort William & Roy Bridge)

The Lecht, Corgarff, Strathdon, AB36 8YP Scotland's ski and snowboard destination. Snowboarding, Offroad biking, Trick park, Mountain bike trails
(There is a charger fairly close to the north at Tomintoul, but going south would fill a gap between Braemar, or heading east where then next rapids are at Alford or Aboyne)

Finally, since the Cairngorm Mountain resort is up an isolated mountain road it would not really need a rapid charger, but slower chargers for visitors would be nice? There is a rapid at the bottom of the road at Aviemore on the A9:

Cairngorm Mountain, Aviemore, PH22 1RB CairnGorm Mountain

Are any of you regular customers or have contacts who'd like to put in a good word encouraging the ski resorts to look at the government grants to help install chargers? ;)
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