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Ridiculous? I am your biggest fan already. Lovely adventure, should do the same actually!
I recommend reading my EV guide to France well before you go. It is available free of charge for everybody, because the situation in France is still "messy". Charging wise.
Total is now expanding their HPC network, lots of gray here, still. Summer will be exciting, travel permitting I expect a crowd you will not believe at the fast chargers. You can always get in touch with me about personal travel recommendations. I run a patreon page, if you sign up you can request personal EV travel advice for all your future adventures.
For travel inspiration I recommend reading my blogs with the EQC and the e-tron around France, to give you an idea about the infrastructure. If you want to find more about my travels with for example the DS3 and the Ioniq around France I suggest checking out my Polarsteps page.
Thanks for your input.

It's useful to have local input for my irregular trips to France, which will probably be in a non-Tesla in the future. :)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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