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Chademo adaptor for model S

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had an email exchange with Tesla this morning about the Chademo adaptor, below is a cut and paste from their response

For the time being, there are no development regardinh the ChaDemo adaptor.

No other information but though may be useful for those buying a Model S in the UK or considering one.
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Why should Tesla owners get to have a.Chademo adaptor? No really you have the expanding super charger network, surely this should be your means of charging.

If this is happening there should be an adaptor for a super charge to CHAdeMO, honestly it should work both ways!!!

As a non Tesla owner it seems you're all having your cake and eating it.
If you pay the £1,800 access fee, design build and test a working adaptor, and work with Tesla to get it approved I'm sure it's possible. Bear in mind though superchargers are so far apart only the outlander can get between them, and it's restricted to about 20kw charge rate, not making much use of the 135kw available from the supercharger.
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It shouldn't matter who uses the electric highway now as long as everyone abides by the etiquette recently posted by Ecotricity i.e. make way for the next person after 30 mins.
That's not what it says :p
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