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Chademo adaptor for model S

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had an email exchange with Tesla this morning about the Chademo adaptor, below is a cut and paste from their response

For the time being, there are no development regardinh the ChaDemo adaptor.

No other information but though may be useful for those buying a Model S in the UK or considering one.
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Don't forget that I have yet to hear of any of the Electric Highway chargers delivering more than about 42kW. Everyone is talking about 50kW... that is what is advertised but the reality seems to be 42kW (396V / 106A).

It is a small point I know but it is worth remembering that it is unlikely, at this charge rate, that any car will get more than about 20kWh in 30 mins and probably less as the charge rate ramps down.

I'd love to know why the charge rate is limited to 42kW... another thread perhaps :)
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