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So I know you ca chain together Anderson chargers and Zappis and throttle them back so you can put more chargers on a curcuit.
However I once found a company that did effectivly the same thing on with a more corperate install.
They installed 1 "charger" and you could add plugs as and when you needed it and the main charger throttled the cars, meaning when your car finished charging you didnt need to come back to unplug it, or if you turned up 3rd you could plug in and get at least a trickle and max charge when the others were finished. All this without the company needing to upgrade the electric curcuits.
They were corperate targeted so they managd pricing and access, from free to highly profitable, from public access to complete restricted.
However I now cant find any details.
They were a yellow brand?

My company is looking at putting in chargers and this would allow them to put in a more chargers for less money.
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