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Change Tethered Type 1 Cable to Type 2-Pod Point

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Good Morning,

We had a Pod Point Home charger (type 1 thethered) installed in 2014 for our Nisan leaf first Gen.

we sold the leaf in 2017 and the charge point hasn't been used since.

Now we are planning to come back to EV and have placed an order for The Mereceds EQA whch needs a type 2 cable.

I turned the pod point charger on just to see if it still functional- all the lights come on which I hope is good news.

I read in he forum somewhere that it's straight forward to change the type 1 cable to type 2. I asked a local electrician but he suggests the whole unit needs changing. I didn't want so spend on a new charger if it can be avoided.

here are some photos- i opened the front box just to take a look.

has anyone done it before please? does anyone know who can do this for me in South Wales Area?

many thanks

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I have seen number of posts on here, with pictures, of a similar lead swap out.
Have a search.
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