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Changing battery mileage allowance on FLEX...

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We had a change of circumstance towards the latter past of last year and ended up being a LEAF only family, and as a result mileage has increased beyond that which we expected.

We're on FLEX and had the lowest mileage allowance, and this has rapidly been closing in, ruling out any "joy riding" in the LEAF.

So I called RCI, spoke to a really helpful assistant, emailed them, had forms emailed back to me, and and already I'm on a higher limit! True, I'm on higher payments, but no nasty surprises or additional charges.


So if you are on FLEX and end up in a position like we did, have no fear, help is at hand, you are NOT stuck on the limit you set when you sign up. :)
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I'm in the same position as you Paul, as the car is on PCP and the Battery Leased I don't really differentiate between the two figures and view it as one, which in actual fact over the 3 years worked out about £800 cheaper than none flex option which was slightly less per month, go figure!?

It is costing me no more than my 3 year old Skoda Roomster TDi I had before and as you said its lovely, new and electric, fully warranted, free servicing etc etc.

We also have no intention of keeping beyond 3 years. Just hand it back, renew the PCP and pick up a new 2016 Leaf mk3 with 150 - 200 mile range?! you never know! :D
Horses for courses. Either pay an extra £5k for the car or £5k on lease payments. For us as our mileage is only going to be at most 9k a year the Flex worked out cheaper overall. For higher mileages and for those who intend to keep the car past 3 years then non flex would certainly make sense.
So the flex option is really worth considering in a lot of cases.
I think so, on the face of it the battery purchase option looked like the better deal to us, but after doing the sums and as we said we are not intending on keeping the car the Flex worked out cheaper. Also the GFV takes any issue re residuals out of the equation. I am working on the assumption that we will have little or no equity in the car after three years and just put some of the fuel savings as a deposit to the next car.
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