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Changing Radio Channel using steering wheel control

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I have fun with this one.

Set up a favourites bar with the following

FM Station, FM Station, DAB Station, DAB Station, FM Station, DAB Station

Set the radio to FAV1 and then use the steering wheel control to move to FAV2, 3, 4, 5 - do you ever manage to get FAV5 - mine just switches back to FAV2.

It is impossible to get to FAV5 as far as I can see without actually using the touch screen to select it.

This does of course depend on how theses are all set up

Just another bad bit of software - sigh
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That's an interesting one! Yes, I have managed to get fav5 and fav6 but must admit I've never started from the first preset. I'll try it next time I get in the car.
What I have noticed though, is that the highlighted favourite often flicks back to fav1 even though the radio is playing the correct station. I often change between fav5 and fav6 on my first page of favourites, and fav1, 2 and 3 on the second page. When I use the steering wheel control to go down from fav1 on page 2 to fav6 on page 1, sometimes the station changes correctly but the highlight moves to fav 1 :)

Wish I could get at the source code, a number of these bugs sound easy to fix...

I've given up trying to work out what station I will be listening to when I power up, last week was consistently radio1 on DAB, which was not even programmed in, this week we have had a few random with radio5l thrown in for good measure.

11500 miles
97 mpg
We regularly start up with an FM station. We rarely listen to FM now as most of our listening is on DAB yet the car consistently tries to persuade us to listen to FM. :)
Mine has now developed a habit that instead of changing to FM, it changes to the new Muse album on my HDD. I reckon Simon Prior programmed it.
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I use radio 4 on DAb but car selects radome stations mainly on FM
dpeilow said:
Mine has now developed a habit that instead of changing to FM, it changes to the new Muse album on my HDD. I reckon Simon Prior programmed it.
HaHa.. Mine seems to switch to the last used source, so it's your own fault... I now tune the same station twice once to FM then to DAB so when it drops I still have the same station. I now have twice as many favourites..
The Ampera DAB is set up that when the digital signal becomes too weak topick-up the unit will defualt to FM - where there is the channel available, i.e. BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 etc but not for example Planet Rock, Absolute
When a strong digital signal becomes available further on a journey, the DAB cuts back in again. This will always happen until the Government roll-out via the BBC is completed - should be circa 2015, although the speed will depend on the funding . . . . . .

The supporting concerts for The 2nd Law at the O2 and then BBC Radio Studio in Broadcasting House (Red Button in Dec) were awesome too.
Hi Simon unfortunately the issue you describe is not the problem that is occurring, The drop back issue is a permanent switch back to the previously used source, usually when powering on the car.
It's definitely a bug. It happens when the car has been off for a short time when you turn it on (petrol fill up, moving out and back in the garage to get something, etc) and I can reproduce it at will. Also the DAB signal is fine when I switch off.

I reported it to Eden in July and they already knew about it because their demo car does it.
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