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I have a Pixel 3a and the charge your car app. Frankly, the app is broken. Buttons are not visible - you have to click on white space - the app is very slow both interface and connecting back, and neither app nor charging station tell you your charging status. Once you've finished charging it can take 3 or 4 hours before you finally get an email receipt.

I just spent 15 minutes trying to setup a charge. Almost gave up.

The only good thing is the price, which is low if you're doing a big charge.

I've emailed, phoned and twittered at these guys and their response is nil. Although the lady on the end of the phone ten days ago didn't even know how the app worked and was surprised at the technical flaws.

Obviously their business model is buy an RFID. But that is so 2019. I've got an app, a phone with contactless pay, a credit card with contactless pay. I don't want or need to pay £20 for another card for a system I might use once in a blue moon. This is where Shell have got it right (all the pump price is too high).

Won't be using thse guys again. there's a CCS50 PodPoint a couple of miles further away.
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