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Hi everyone!

I hope the EV lifestyle is treating you well (and those who have not yet made the transition - I hope you’re getting all the info you need to help your choice).

We’ve been a little absent here as of late due to some exciting changes within the team, but we wanted to give you a little update on what ChargedEV can offer you through the Smart+.

Features now live are as follows:

Set the times when you want your car ready by each day, to allow the Smart+ to optimise your charging.

Tariff Optimisation
Ensure you charge at the cheapest times using our multi-rate tariff feature.

Solar-Match Mode
Increase solar self-consumption by using excess solar energy for charging your EV. Set your preference between faster charging and maximising solar energy consumed.

Usage Data
Track your charger’s energy consumption and charging history.

Carbon Savings
Track your carbon savings vs a petrol car and vs a none-smart charger.

Over the Air Updates
We can remotely add features and updates to your Smart+ and Kaluza web app.

Features live very soon:

The Agile Integration
We are currently moving into trialling this and releasing it as a full feature very soon.

Load Management
The charger will monitor local load and helps to avoid exceeding grid connection capacity by reducing the EV charging rate when other energy-intensive devices are on in the home.


We’ve recently changed our prices, so as an update, here they are:

Smart+ £449

BPChargemaster £399

The above prices are for a standard installation under the OLEV EVHS Grant. Please remember that if you use discount code SPEAK50 you will receive £50 off of your installation cost.

I will be on here a lot more often going forward so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading; I look forward to chatting with you all in the future.

Liam ⚡
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Hi Liam. I’ve got a smart+ installed (not used yet due to car delivery delay from cov 19 virus) is there a way to remove smart scheduling and utilise an ev tariff? I.e. octopus go (00:30-04:30 @5p/kWh)

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Hi Joe,

I'm sorry to hear about your car delivery :(

You can use the Tariff Optimisation feature in your WebApp, add in your tariff details and select to utilise the tariff, and the Smart+ will work around this tariff when you're charging. If you can't find this feature please let me know and I will give you some further guidance.

Thanks, and stay safe,
Liam ⚡
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