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These comments are echoed on the French Hyundai site I follow. They have had the card since last September and are equally underwhelmed.
As a matter of interest what is the price for Ionity France? Ionity are ruinously expensve but since Hyundai are a shareholder there ought to be a deal? I might be tempted if Ionity prices are reasonable. Owing to French Government regs the price is per minute (so will be better value charging an Ioniq5).
Before moving to Portugal I ordered one thinking that any day the preferential rates for Ionity’s chargers would appear, nope, still want 79c kWh, plus there is a small cost to start the charge , cheapest that I’m aware of is Chargepoint at 69c kWh. it would make me feel very sad to use these chargers and think I’d been better off in a Diesel.
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