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Chargeplace Scotland changing from Charge your Car to SWARCO eVolt

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News has just hit that Chargeplace Scotland (CPS) who have used Charge your Car for their authentication and billing for the last several years will be switching to SWARCO eVolt starting in July:

This is an interesting albeit not unexpected change. What does it mean for end users?

Will existing RFID cards continue to work or do we need new ones? Will CPS accounts (which are basically just CYC accounts and use the same CYC app) be migrated across or will we be needing to create new accounts?

Will CPS cards stop working on CYC sites in England and will CYC cards stop working on CPS sites in Scotland?

Will CPS finally get their own mobile app instead of just using the CYC branded app and a fairly useless web browser based lookup?

While I of course recognise eVolt and a lot of rapids on the CPS network are already eVolt units, I have no knowledge of their ability to run a back end authentication and billing system, although they're unlikely to be worse than CYC.

So, good news? Bad news? Ambivalent ? :unsure: To be honest it's quite a while since I've used a CPS charger!
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OK, are you moaning on behalf of yourself or some other generic users.
The communications have been pretty good. Are you making journeys on the 27th, 28th, 29th. Can these be delayed.Can you take advantage of alternative charging, at work, at your destination.
General principal is one the same as making an omelette.
He’s ‘moaning’ on behalf of all of us who have relied on CPS to use our EVs to get around Scotland and have experienced less than ideal service for years now, and who were promised a working app from day 1 by SWARCO and have been let down again. They’ve been working on this for months, and only now they admit they can’t provide a functioning service, even for those of us who have RFID cards for their other operations? It’s poor stuff and as usual somehow it becomes the job of the EV user to mitigate for others’ incompetence.

I’ll be in Aberdeen on D-Day visiting my father for the first time in more than a year and need to get to Dundee, Glasgow and down to Carlisle in the first week of the new contract. So - with probably hundreds of others - I’ll be scraping around using Instavolt, ancient Ecotricity machines and whoever else I can find to get me from A to B. There may be queues. There will be delays and frustration in what is a busy time of year. Frankly, fanboys making inane comments about omelettes isn’t helping anyone.

I’m sure Swarco’s task is not an easy one but there’s a limit to everyone’s ability to rearrange their lives around this stuff, particularly in a pandemic. I’d like to see the Scottish Government take some responsibility here - why has the existing shambles been allowed to fester for so long? Whose poor contract management has allowed CYC to take the piss for so long? Is the CPS model fit for purpose? Are there too many cooks? Why are they making the transition in mid-summer? Will there be a penalty to SWARCO for failing to provide the app as promised? Is anyone paying attention?
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FFS give Swarco a chance, they only migrate between 10pm on monday and 5am on tuesday and only then can they discover which chargers are not responding and test the app with their own staff before making it publicly available.

CYC will have done as little as they can to aid the transition.

Come back with 'messy' comments at the end of next month! Hopefully you won't need to or I'll have to eat my words.
Sounds and feels messy to me. Why do we need to give a month’s grace? As the poor bloody customer, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, it’s a mess on day one, probably week one, maybe week two and three as well.
I often proselytise about EV ownership, but this is the kind of nonsense that we really shouldn’t have to put up with any more. Yes, I’m sure it will be sorted in the end, but charger infrastructure is no longer a nice to have bit of eco-bling to put on the carbon reduction page of a council’s website, it’s essential service provision.
They're probably at the mercy of Apple's random approval system. Even if they've approved beta versions of an app they have a tendency to turn round and raise a bunch of objections when you want the live version approved.
almost as if doing it at the last minute is a terrible idea…
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It's 7:15am and all chargers are showing as 'unknown' on the CPS website and none showing at all on the app.
So looks like they have work to do....
Hopefully regular CPS users' rfid card will be on the chargers' whitelist so they can still get a charge?
Indeed. Hopefully any Swarco rfid card will work, but who knows. Experiences from anyone out there trying to use the network for it’s intended purpose today appreciated.
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Yes, CPS cards are branded as that and no mention of CYC on it. CPS card numbers start with a '6' I believe.
Another bit of the puzzle - as I type I’m getting a charge from an Evolt Type 2 CPS charger in Aberdeen having used my CYC card (number starts with a 5) to access it. I’m hoping that means that card will still be working on Friday when I need to get to Glasgow…
Osprey at HighlandGate Stirling might be another option.
Thanks guys. Instavolt Perth also on my list - as with Osprey reliable if expensive. And I don’t mind paying for reliability when out and about.
Is it all sorted yet?

I've noticed some posts about the GMEV/Be.EV network has dropped loads of chargers off its app as well 🤦‍♂️
Be.EV app is completely blank for me just now.
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The variation in people's experience is remarkable, isn't it? My card is actually a CYC card (it says that on it - I assume the CPS cards have CPS branding?) and it worked fine on a CPS post yesterday.
I got a charge from a CPS machine today with my CYC card.

So I asked CPS via Twitter if that would still be the case on Friday ahead of a trip. Their response: only a CPS card will work, or a call to theirservice centre on 0141 648 0750.
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Interesting, but not what I had been led to believe by them. Had you asked for your details to be transferred to the CPS scheme and had an email confirmation that you have been transferred to the CPS scheme?
Yes, although I’ve used my CYC card on both sides of the border for years so wasn’t a CPS member till now. I got an email on Friday saying i was now a CPS member. But they’ve (hopefully) sent my new CPS card to my home address in Manchester and I’m in Aberdeen this week!
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