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I went for Rolec, you can get one directly from their website, UK company too. Their installer was super easy to work with. The sparky I got to quote from myenergi registered installers (myenergi website) was a comedian he wanted four times the price of the Rolec install, ~£1558 including grant vs £360 with grant from Rolec. The Zappi isn't a cheap option, maybe justified if you have Solar although I think the financials are pretty marginal, you also need to consider your privacy, the Myenergi app / web server suddenly knows your whole home energy consumption habits and therefore when you are there and when you are not. Nearly up there with putting on facebook look I'm on holiday my home is empty drop by... Of course lots of people are cool with this these days.

You probably want to set up a post at the end of the garden and run an underground cable expect it to be a bit pricey because of that, sparkies aren't into digging so you can expect some stupid quotes cos they don't want to do the work. I'd also say tethered is the best approach. The other thing about the Rolec one is if you look at the guts it's easy to replace anyone bit, they are all off the shelf on a couple of bus bars. In comparison the Zappi, pod point etc have customer circuit boards so if it breaks out of warranty then you are looking at a replacement unit, and they ain't cheap, alas no one solders a new bit in these days. There are also lots of other good options for chargers I'd say but the units seem to have crept up in price a lot and are trying to be a little bit too clever in some cases.
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