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Hi all. We had a smart meter installed a few days ago and since then our Syncev charger isn't working properly.

First we noticed that the consumer unit had tripped (after the electrician had left - house electrics were fine)

Resetting the fuse got the charger showing its LED lights as normal

Woke up the next day with it flashing saying there was a fault. Tried a soft reboot and hard reboot. Unit didn't come back around

Later on, it seems to have come back to life

Try a charge an immediately get a error from the car

Try a hard reset for several minutes, turn back on and nothing... About an hour later its back to life. Try another charge and all working fine!!!... For 5 mins then it gets a fault again and charging ceases.

Here are some photos of the meter etc, any ideas?

Fixture Electricity Electrical wiring Cable Gas

Rectangle Material property Gas Brick Brickwork
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