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I currently have an electric vehicle on order (Toyota PHEV plug-in) and British Gas are going to do an online survey for the install. I don’t think I have the necessary electrics. I have a thick cable running from the consumer unit under the house up the wall of a nearby detached garage and into the garage where there is an electrical box. Please see photos. I’m going to ask BG what do I need to add, I’m hoping BG will tell me and not just say not suitable.

Is it feasible to use the existing cable in the consumer unit (marked garage) and put a fused box in the garage, thereby not having to run a new cable ?

Photos attached, any advice appreciated, thanks.
Forget British Gas.
Forget 2nd guess forum replies.
Get a decent local sparky in, explain what you want. The sparky will explain options and what's required. That's what they do.
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