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My other half lives in an apartment building that has an underground private car park (about 75 spaces), and the management committe have stated they have received requests from residents for whether they can install a charger for residents to use.

Does anybody know of any commercial companies that will install and manage chargers in this type of environment? (i.e. management company won't foot the electricity bill so needs charge per use capability)


We are going through this process.
Firstly, the OZEV grant is changing next April 1st ( I know, who would choose this date).
There is a full description in a you tube video from ARTISAN ELECTRICS.
The jist is that there will be a grant of £500 per space (upto some limits) for infrastructure - then the £350 for each actual charging station.
I have spent a year researching this with an ever changing set of rules.
We need to install a booster for the mobile signal to be available in our underground car park - this looks like it will be included in the grant.
I have found that the best solution is the Easee Charge unit (not the Easee Home unit) as upto 101 of these can be linked without needing to try and boost the amount of electricity coming into the block.
Easee have a free app & back office software to allow for charging to residents.
Easee put in touch with a company called M3 Charger - they have already carried out a site survey and were very proffesional.
However, of course, everything is now on hold until the Government actually release the app in April so that we can apply.
Needless to say we have no connection with the mentioned companies, just done a lot of research. In fact could not find another company which offered the flexability of installing the charge point infrastructure and then individual charge points at a later date.
Hope the above is helpful.

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