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When I tried to get going this mornig I was stymied by a stuck cable - the locking pin was presumably frozen. It was about -2 C.
I have now got it to release - on the Golf GTE forum I found this suggestion: 'the locking pin should release (if not frozen) by holding the instant charge button next to the socket, in conjunction with the key fob door release button'.
Even though temperatures are still sub zero, it worked.

VW Passat GTE
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The manual has two methods to release the cable:


Also, check that you have the protective ring fitted to the cable, it should stop this from happening (the dealer fitted the ring to my cables backwards, only found out after the cable froze in the socket):

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Just for posterity, I have those problems too on Golf GTE 2015 + it also seems not to charge on public station (cable & plug of the station).

Actually I have an error that nobody knows/mentions anything about, I'll post back if/when I fix it, guessing I need to replace the LED housing near the socket.

Address C6: Batt. Chrg. (J1050)       Labels:* None
   Part No SW: 5QE 915 682 AA    HW: 5QE 915 682 K
   Component: OBC KOSTAL    H51 3018 
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 0412140KP0007U
   Coding: 115068222000
   Shop #: WSC 01357 011 00200
   ASAM Dataset: EV_OBCSinglPhaseKLOVW3709 004001
   ROD: EV_OBCSinglPhaseKLOVW3709_004.rod
   VCID: 0C1C62DBA7999BED2F-8059

1 Fault Found:
14746880 - LED Module for Charging Socket A
          P31C9 00 [009] - Electrical Malfunction
          Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00000001
                    Fault Priority: 5
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 227
                    Mileage: XXXXXX km
                    Date: 2022.09.10
                    Time: 17:18:23
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