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Charging curve for ID4 Pure 52

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Has anyone seen the charging curve for the smaller 52kwh battery'd ID4? All i can find are graphs for the bigger battery / GTX.

We've just signed up for one coming in August and I'm busy trying to collect all the stats about it to pass the time.
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I would be intrested in this too.

Just done our first long journey and struggled to get more than 30-40kw out of the rapid chargers, but the battery percentage did not drop below 40% so that's probably why. Certainly no where near the 100kw the car says it can do.
From an ID3 (58kwh) owner - to get anything above 70-80kw, you need to have a low SOC (<20%) and a warm battery... If you rack up after a fast spell on the motorway with 10% - you'll get 100kw (from the right charger obviously). Mine drops to 50kw by 60%.
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