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I noticed that there are one or two fast chargers (no rapids yet) popping up in Plymouth so I emailed Plymouth City Counil and enquired for more details. This arrived today...

Dear Mr Churchley,

Thank you for your email below sent to the Local Transport Plan email address.

The chargepoints that the Council is installing are supplied by Pod Point. Currently they are still being tested but will be available to use shortly. The chargepoints will offer Pay As You Go functionality via a mobile phone app. There will not be a requirement to sign up to a membership scheme although users will need to enter their details as required to enable payment to be taken. The Council and the other individual landowners where the chargepoints are to be installed such as at Derriford Hospital will decide the pricing policy and not Pod Point.

I will endeavour to contact you when it is confirmed that the chargepoints are available to use.

Kind regards


Neil HoneySenior Transportation Planner
Transport & Infrastructure
Plymouth City Council
Civic Centre
Encouraging if that is a genuine PAYG and we don't need to join Pod Point in any way. Interesting that it will be the landowners that determine the fees charged.

Fingers crossed :)
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