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Hi Chaps,

I'm looking at getting a Nissan Leaf soon and after a lot of reading I'm confused as to the charging situation around Milton Keynes and the rest of UK. First off I should say that I don't really plan on using any of them very often, unless I'm caught short, or have a longer journey to do, but as I understand it -

Ecotricity - needs a free RFid card, that let's you rapid charge free at a lot of motorway service stations (and handily in IKEA Bletchley).

PodPoint - there seems to be a card for sale on their website for £12.50 that lets you charge free on the few PodPoints around MK (using the Nissan brick cable) and further afield, but then it also talks about PAYG charging? Does the card still work?

ChargeMaster/Polar - uses a smartphone app to do PAYG charging? Is the app available on Android (I can't seem to find it)? Do they pro-rata the charge time or bill in 30/60 min blocks? Does it work further afield?

ZCW - No card/no charge normally, but you're expected to use the establishment that's supplying the electricity.

Also, do the employees at Glyn Hopkin in MK (and Westway Oxford) mind or get annoyed when Leaf drivers just rock up expecting a free charge? And how often are these chargers not available?

I think that's my brain dump, many thanks in advance for your thoughts/info.


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1) Yep, ecotricity card is the best from my experience.

2) Don't bother, PodPoint points don't work in MK and I've personally never seen one on my wider travels

3) Expensive, not on Android, used to be a complete no-brainer in MK when free, not paid up for their schemes and not missing out. Because of their virtual monopoly it's one many have HAD to bight the bullet and get, OR they use free chargers. Still requires £20 and pre-registration to use even free chargers.

4) Correct.

5) Only charged there once I think, no problem at all.

Hope that helps for starts, sure others will chime in too, plenty of locals around here.


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I've used the charger at Glyn Hopkins a couple of times. Once it was broken and they didn't seem aware, or care much. Other than that, no hassle just turning up and using it (it doesn't even need a card to start it) - no need to even go inside and ask, just use it.
I think (not 100% though) that it's available 24/7.

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I would think about Source East as well, my wife uses it to charge free at Luton train station regally and also give (at the moment) access to Source London and Source Midlands, so far all have been free.
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