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Charging speeds..

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Just a quick question about charging speeds. I've had a look at the reported power being drawn by the car at a few locations using Soul Spy, EV Notify and Car Scanner and just wondered if they seem right as I was expecting them to be higher. The car is a 2015 65 plate 27kWh.

EVSE cable - 1.6kw
PodPoint 7kw (Tesco) - 4.8-5.3kw
BP Pulse 50kw (tried 3) - 34-36kw

For the EVSE, my smart meter is reporting just over 2kw when I factor in the 200-300w being drawn by household items (2.3kw being displayed when charging), I'm just wondering if the power is being under reported by the apps or are these numbers about right.

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